Parenting Issues & Family Therapy

Parenting is often considered both the toughest and most rewarding experience we can have in life. So much goes into raising a family in today’s complex world, that it is no wonder people may feel ill-equipped to handle a variety of the challenges involved. Add to this the fact that most people receive no formal education in parenting skills, and may have had limited exposure to positive models for parenting. Think about this analogy: how you would fare if you were put into a job situation for which you had virtually no training or experience, but were expected to perform at a high level and meet all your responsibilities? Chances are, you’d feel rather overwhelmed, and your performance would be less than optimal.

Our offices have moved to Scarsdale NY in Westchester County, however, phone and/or Skype/Hangout therapy available in some cases if our office is not convenient. Please call us at 212-258-2577.

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