Stress Management

In treatment for stress management, the therapist helps the client to identify and develop ways to reduce stressors and to cope better with stress. Different people react differently to the same set of circumstances, and so we know that the way a person perceives or interprets a situation makes a big difference in how the he or she experiences it. In CBT, the cognitive work is to become aware of how one is thinking about a situation, which is the internal reaction, and to explore the options one can choose from in interpreting the event or circumstances. Learning to react differently in thought often has a significant impact on the person’s mood, behavior, and the outcome of the situation. Behavioral methods such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, imagery exercises, improved problem-solving skills and other therapeutic activities are also mainstays of this approach. These tools are taught and fully discussed in session, and then practiced outside, between sessions. When stress is reduced, the pathway to deeper understanding and further healing often opens up. It is most helpful to have a guide for the journey.

Our offices have moved to Scarsdale NY in Westchester County, however, phone and/or Skype/Hangout therapy available in some cases if our office is not convenient.  To inquire about an appointment, please call us at (212) 258-2577.

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