Improving Self-Esteem With Therapy

SELF-ESTEEM… so many people these days emphasize the importance of having good SELF-ESTEEM. When things go wrong, and we have to face difficult situations, it helps to have a lot of this thing that everyone keeps talking about. But what exactly is self-esteem? This seemingly simple question is not so easily answered. Basically, one may consider self-esteem to be the regard with which one has for oneself. It has to do with the level of respect for oneself, and is also often referred to as self-worth.

This feeling about oneself is related to but different from one’s self-image, which is essentially the internal view of oneself, and is often, but not always, based on and measured against external norms and standards. Self-esteem is located on a deeper level, and may be thought of as part of the foundation for an individual’s personality. As a central aspect of the self, it can exert a powerful influence on our overall functioning and well-being. Positive change at this level can lead to significant improvements in a person’s life.

In therapy, a person can receive help in examining the reasons for impairments in self-esteem, and working toward resolving those issues that diminish it. One can also gain assistance in identifying and striving toward ways of increasing it, thereby promoting healing and repair. The ultimate goal in therapy for problems relating to self-esteem is for the individual to achieve greater internal satisfaction and strength.

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