Relationship Therapy

Relationships are often very rewarding, and also can be very challenging. The complex nature of relationship dynamics between people (couples, family members, friends, and co-workers) adds excitement and richness to life, and for this reason we remain invested in developing and maintaining important bonds. When difficulties arise, we can suffer mentally, emotionally and even physically. Thus, our overall well-being can be either positively or negatively affected by the health of our social connections.

Relationship problems can be solved – at least substantially, if not completely – as long as one (or preferably both) parties are committed to addressing and fixing them. Focusing on the issues that need to be rectified in therapy has been very helpful for many couples in distress, and relationships have been mended and healed as a result.

If you are interested in relationship therapy, please call CTA at 212-258-2577 to inquire about an appointment. Our offices have moved to Scarsdale NY in Westchester County, however, phone and/or Skype/Hangout therapy available in some cases if our office is not convenient.  Help is a phone call away.

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