Anger Management & Controlling Temper with Cognitive Therapy

Anger Management & Control

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion. We all experience anger at various times during the course of our lives. However, anger is subjectively experienced as a “bad” feeling, and indeed it can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes we feel justified in our anger, and indeed we may be. Anger that is appropriate (that is, realistic given the situation and to the degree it is felt) is normal and serves as a call to action (to mobilize, to guide one’s course, etc.). However, anger that is inappropriate (out of proportion, extreme, explosive, or experienced as “out of control”) is likely to be a real problem for both you and others.

You may wonder: how come I blow up or fly off the handle? What can I do to have better control over my feelings and behavior? These questions are healthy responses, and the first step in achieving the goal of anger management. You may have learned ways of handling anger through observation or though your own responses to certain situations. Often, maladaptive ways of handling anger in the present were once adaptive responses. However, it may be a struggle for you to shed those habitual, reflexive ways of handling anger, and that’s where therapy can guide and help. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is highly successful in helping people to learn how to manage their anger and to use more effective, successful ways of interacting. Understanding how the patterns developed and finding alternative ways of reacting are key in breaking these patterns that are ultimately self-defeating.

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