Contact Dr. Allison Kahner


I see most clients in my Scarsdale office 6Donellan Rd, right off of Fenimore Rd. convenient to Hartsdale, White Plains, Greenville, Eastchester and many other parts of Westchester.

In addition I have a second office located in midtown Manhattan, near Penn Station and Grand Central Station. Please feel free to call me at (917) 751-6020 or if you wish to schedule an appointment.

Some clients prefer to mix in person with phone/skype/hangout sessions.

The first step is to arrange for an introductory consultation. We will find a mutually convenient date and time for our initial meeting. Day and evening hours are available.

If neither of my offices are convenient, I may be able to refer you to another therapist in the NY area, so feel free to call in any case.

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