Pre-Divorce Counseling and Therapy

It sounds harsh, but of a marriage is about to end there are many ways the situation can unfold, from “War of the Roses” to “Friends for Life” and everywhere in-between.

Divorce doesn’t just effect the couple. In many cases it involves children, and pre-divorce counseling can help assure that the divorce is not traumatic and the impact on the children psychologically is minimized.  After all, healthy well-adjusted children is at least one thing you can agree on.

Finances tend to be an issue of high importance to both parties in a  divorce and while it may end up in front of a judge or the lawyers may battle it out, by addressing issues of money and assets before the divorce process begins in earnest can improve the outcome.  After all, if the lawyers get most of the cash, that’s not a win for anyone other than them.

There there are issues surrounding your joint social circle, friends at church or temple.

Each couple has their own list of high priority issues. By modifying standard couples counseling to meet the needs of a pre-divorce conversation the therapist provides you with a way to frame your thinking and perhaps reach agreement on some issues early on.

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