Marital Counseling & Therapy

Marital Counseling in Scarsdale

Do you find your relationship strained? Arguing or other negative communication patterns can interfere with positive feelings and cooperation, and over time, can wear down the commitment to remain in the relationship. Sometimes it is simply too difficult to go beyond the immediate situation or issue without an objective party to help neutralize the high emotions enough to get to a place of understanding and negotiation. When you get in a rut, couseling can help. Relationship therapy can provide you with tools and alternatives, increase your understanding of yourself and your partner, steer you in the right direction, and move you along further in less time, so you will be able to build and strengthen your relationship.

It is often the case that individuals experiencing problems in a significant relationship (i.e., romantic partners, family members, or a workplace relationship) will avoid counseling, and hope that things will get better on their own. The reluctance to seek help is understandable, but putting it off usually only prolongs the problems and contributes to the breakdown of the relationship. The good news is that with therapy, those who are motivated to have a positive relationship can repair the damage caused by old ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, while learning and engaging in new and healthier communication and coping skills.

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