Anxiety Disorders & Stress

ANXIETY is a reaction that most, if not all, people experience on occasion. It is a normal response to stressful thoughts or situations, and the subjective feelings of emotional tension, stress, or fear vary widely in duration, frequency and severity. At intense levels, the emotional response is often accompanied by physical sensations, such as muscle tension, headache, stomach upset, heart racing, or localized pain. Over time, prolonged anxiety reactions can take a toll on one’s physical health, not to mention one’s peace of mind. An anxiety disorder can manifest in what is commonly known as a “panic attack,” or similar type of panicky reaction. Sometimes anxiety becomes very intense in relation to specific types of situations or to objects, and is commonly referred to as a phobia. Others experience anxiety in a wide range of situations, and in severe cases can cause people to avoid leaving their homes.

When anxiety is disproportionate to the event or life circumstances, it is likely that the response is more reflective of a problem in coping or ways of viewing the situation rather than the actual threat posed by the external factors involved. Main objectives for individuals in therapy for anxiety are to learn and practice calming techniques, and to gradually become more accustomed to, and at ease when faced with, the triggers to anxiety. Helping people to adjust their perspectives of anxiety-provoking situations and their abilities to cope with them often contributes to the success in therapeutic outcomes. If the problem is long-standing, identifying and coming to terms with the origins of their fears may further promote the individual’s ability to reduce and effectively handle stress reactions.

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