Dr Phil on Weight Loss

If you like Dr. Phil’s ideas, books and approach, but need some guidance and help getting started, then Dr. Allison Conner may be the therapist for you. In addition to her doctoral training and years of experience, Dr. Conner is a LearnDrPhil Associate Therapist, having completed the courses that teach the LearnDrPhil approach. Call (800) 768-1641 for a phone or in-person session.

Allison, Conner, Psy.D., is a licensed Psychologist and has been helping clients by using cognitive-behavioral therapy since 1994.

Dr. Conner blends the best of cognitive-behavioral therapy with the pragmatic and focused Dr.Phil approach in the process of helping clients to identify or define their problems and to develop strategies for overcoming challenges, feeling better and improving their lives.

To inquire about therapy with Dr. Conner, or to schedule an appointment, you are welcome to call (800) 768-1641.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been around for several decades, and the research consistently shows its effectiveness in combating psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, low self-esteem, and OCD, among others. By identifying distortions in thinking, problematic core beliefs, and self-defeating patterns of behavior, CBT practitioners can help you to correct them and devise plans for alleviating painful feelings and enhancing the quality of your life. Dr. Phil and others who use CBT aim to help you to identify the problem, set a goal, come up with a strategy, work your plan, and reap the rewards. The only question is: are you ready?

Dr. Phil calls himself a “Life Strategist”; he is a psychologist whose hard-hitting approach flies in the face of most traditional psychotherapies, such as psychoanalysis. Identifying unconscious conflicts, endlessly exploring feelings, and getting in touch with one’s inner child amount to hogwash for this pragmatic Texan, who defines success according to results. To paraphrase him, the world doesn’t give a whit about your thoughts or intentions–only your actions count.

Once again, if you are interested in the kind of therapy and techniques you see on the Dr. Phil show and read in his books, call Dr. Conner to schedule an appointment at (917) 751-6020.

Dr. Phil also has written excellent, best-selling books, including his most popular Self Matters. If you struggle with food issues or are trying to lose weight, please visit the Dr. Phil Weight Loss page

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