Solving Workplace Issues

WORK can be, and often is, a major priority in our lives. The ways we perform and the satisfaction we derive are influenced by a number of factors over which we have varying degrees of control. Creative strategies in addressing and handling these issues can make a significant difference in our daily work experience. Some common WORK/CAREER ISSUES encountered in therapy include the following:

-Problems with the boss
-Coworkers who give you a hard time
-Trouble in concentrating or finding the motivation to perform the job
-Burnout and workaholism
-Lack of satisfaction or sense of meaning about what you do
-Difficulty in deciding about a career change or in adjusting to a work-related transition

Productively coping with or altogether resolving problem issues related to work or career can also help us be more available to those who are closest and most important to us, including ourselves.

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